The 1,000 dollar little black dress

Gone are the glory days of exclusive galas that cost thousands to produce and hundreds to attend. These days so much can be accomplished with social media. In fact I embarked on such a journey this past month when I participated in the Little Black Dress Initiative through the Junior League of Charleston.

The goal of the campaign was to raise funds and awareness to end hunger and homelessness in Charleston. All I needed to do was wear the same black dress all week (no washing!) and a button that said “ask me about my little black dress.”Along with 50 other people I decided to launch a social campaign. I didn’t have a donor list, no email marketing, and no gala planned. But what I did have was social media.

Without actually asking a single person for a donation I raised a little over $1,000 in 5 days and our league raised $15,000. 100% of the donations went straight to the cause with no overhead and no expenses to be paid. The campaign was a roaring success and something that I hope we continue for years to come.

Here’s what I did to raise money:

1.) Snapchat became my best friend. I started to use the stories feature for the first time and updated my followers on all of the things I was doing around the city in my little black dress: attending meetings, working, homework, lunch etc. I also personally thanked each individual via the social tool

2.) I posted daily updates with fun photos on my progress

3.) I used Facebook to tell my story, encouraged people to follow my journey on snapchat, thanked friends on their walls for donations, and posted statuses with alarming facts surrounding hunger and homelessness in Charleston.

I think people want to help, donate their time, or in this case a few dollars to show that they support missions like the Junior League but are never really asked in this sort of personal way. My fundraising page provided by Bidr allowed people to donate directly to my personal page, share a comment as to why they are donating and allow them to be a part of the mission with even just a one dollar donation.

I’m really excited about expanding this mission on social media and look forward to doing it again next year.

What about you, have you ever contributed to a cause that you saw on social media?sykKVf5b.jpeg


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