The Purple Goldfish

I am a member of the American Marketing Association, Charleston Chapter and recently attended a luncheon on the topic of the “Purple Goldfish.”

What is a purple goldfish exactly? It’s the idea of the unexpected, the concept of a twist in a consumer experience. Because I work in a hospitality industry (rather than a sales industry)purpfish I know we are constantly trying to figure out ways in which we can enhance the customer experience and the purple goldfish is a symbol for the continuous search to provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

In the world of real estate marketing people expect to answer the following questions when sold a house: bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. What we do at Nexton is challenge this mindset by asking our customer relationship and qualitative questions, “what are you looking for in a neighborhood, where do you and your family spend the most time in your home, etc.” We train our staff to put customers first allowing for genuine conversations that may not even be about the homes we’re selling but instead, focus on relationship building.

I consider myself pretty lucky to work for a company that wants to pursue the idea of a purple goldfish but to remain at the top of our game we must constantly reinvent our plus one, we must consistently challenge ourselves to provide service that is unexpected.

What things does your company do to improve the customer relationship?




One thought on “The Purple Goldfish

  1. yelltheloudest says:

    I think it’s great your company is putting the customer first. In this new integrated marketing communications world we marketers are living in, putting the customer first is key. I currently work for a non-profit. We focus our attention on getting our service to our target demographic of students ages 12 – 19. That requires us to advertise on music Web sites like Pandora and Spotify. By going to our audience, we have a better chance of getting these services to them.


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