Augmented Reality

Next week the company that I work for, Nexton, will participate in Dig South. Dig South is “The South’s Interactive Festival,” in which companies can set-up trade show style booths in order to interact and engage with attendees. We really wanted to find a way to stand out, get someone to engage, and leave them with a piece of information that would encourage recall. We really don’t want to be another booth handing out yet another tchatchke.

In our search to find a way to incorporate tech into our giveaways (after all, we are the first giagbit community in South Carolina) we enlisted the help of a promotions company. They presented a few options for us to choose from but this one really stood out; lay ar.

Lay ar is a new app and company that helps brands create augmented reality experiences. Unlike those super annoying QR codes (do people really use them?) this augmented reality allows the customer the opportunity to use their own images without altering them to the human eye. Yes, the user will have to use an app to engage in the content but we hope that the value of the content engages the customer in a way that creates an even bigger bond to the product, in our case a new housing community.


Lay ar, allows the customer the ability to “drag-and-drop interactive digital elements, including video messages, music clips, interactive photo slideshows,
Web and social network links, and much more!” which in turns allows for a much more engaged and long term relationship with the consumer. It also has built in analytics so that we will be able to track our results.

In application the user will download the Lay ar app, which will scan an image and allow the user to see augmented reality which includes videos, animations, sales tools, and much more.


I am really looking forward to seeing how the crowds engage with our product as we have decided to embed a logo/picture on a tervis tumbler.

What do you think of this idea? Would you download the app and see what we had to show as far as interactivity?


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