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Because I am not currently a mom (except to my fur baby, a black lab named Charlie) I haven’t been exposed to how technology is being taught and embraced in schools. Tomorrow I get to participate in “Principal for a Day,” an annual campaign put on through the Chamber of Commerce. I was chosen by my company to shadow the principal at the Nexton Elementary school, the first 1:1 technology school in the County and one of the firsts in the state of South Carolina.

1:1 technology means that every student is assigned a personal learning device, much like issuing a textbook. The technology is supposed to enhance learning, and not to be used as a substitute.

Knowing that elementary age students would have access to the internet made me cautious and I found myself teetering on my stance between an amazing initiative and a pretty scary one. Here were some of the thoughts I have running around in my head:

Does access to this technology give the student a leg up in the world? Will they be better able to advance in the digital age because they have been exposed to this at such a young age? Is there such thing as too much screen time? Will the child prefer the screen over face-to-face interaction with their teacher? What about online safety measures?

I wonder how far behind someone falls in future career opportunities if they are not equipped to handle the technologies of the present and of the current? I think about my mom who is nearing retirement and couldn’t imagine her using an iPad to run her business and worry that her lack of education on technology will make it very hard for her to even find part-time volunteer work because everything is so connected these days!

I’m really looking forward to my day tomorrow so that I can get some of these questions answered by educators who are clearly in support of this initiative. I look forward to checking back in here and letting you all know how it goes.

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4 thoughts on “1:1 Technology

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I have a fur baby named Charlie too – he is a chocolate lab! 🙂

    You brought up an interesting point on how schools are using technology today. My sister-in-law recently showed me an app that she uses on her iPhone to communicate directly with my nephews’ teachers. She get updates throughout the day, such as a picture of circle time with a note that says ‘Benjamin was very-well behaved in circle time today.’ It helps parents stay connected with what is happening with their children during the school day, while providing a channel for direct parent-teacher dialogue. I share similar concerns as you mentioned above in your post. The teacher could be more focused on this app than interactions with the kids. It’s another example of how emerging technology has infiltrated our daily lives!


  2. 619andbeyond says:

    I’ll be interested to hear your impressions as to how technology is influencing the students at the elementary school you visited. As some of our course readings explored, the pros and cons of growing up as a digital native are still being studied and debated. One negative side effect that has gotten press lately is the rise of nearsightedness given the increasing amount of time kids spend indoors staring at smaller and smaller screens at earlier ages – http://health.usnews.com/health-news/health-wellness/articles/2014/12/01/is-nearsightedness-an-epidemic


  3. ImSocialSavvy Soapbox Blog says:


    What an amazing opportunity. I am originally from Greenville, SC, and it is exciting to see such a wonderful advancement in my home state.

    While I was working in SC I had an opportunity to work with a local preschool on their social media strategy and a training program for employees. One notion they wanted to address was how teachers could connect with parents on social media and provide guidance for social media use during classroom time and business activities.

    Wondering how your experience went, and the school’s thoughts on including its teachers in its social and marketing efforts?


  4. ttlynn31 says:

    This was an interesting article in which it pointed out several things. 1. Internet users are getting younger and younger everyday. 2. There are still a unique few that are as tech savvy as the rest of the population. Focusing on the 2nd point it does hurt one’s chances in advancing in their career and/or being able to properly communicate with a larger audience. I actually have a friend who is my age and is very frightened of the internet and literally doesn’t know how to navigate on the web. So many people are online today where for some it is their main form of communication with each other, businesses, schools, etc. I think when it is pointed out to the few that don’t know how to utilize technology to their advantage, on how to use it and how it helps in their lives, we can have closer to 95-100% connectivity usage.


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